A Tribe Called Red

Electric Pow Wow – A Tribe Called Red has been called the soundtrack to the contemporary evolution of the pow wow. Showcasing native talent and aboriginal culture in an open, wild party atmosphere. Great for Salish-Sidhe dance-rave-pow-wow or (in the Jax Sprawl) Seminole gatherings.

As an aside, I know it’s probably incredibly disrespectful to take the music of one people and ascribe it to another; but there really isn’t any other really good native modern music that I feels fits with my Shadowrun game.

Glitch Mob works for just about anything Matrix related. For high speed car chases, and action scenes. Also, good club music in a cyberpunk 2077, I guess.

Darkly supernatural, ambient spookery. The track Black Star, especially, is good for ambient Megaplex City Noise. It just keeps pushing and pushing, without letting up, and without ever really trying to break through.

Included more for novelty than atmosphere, Metalachi strikes me as the sort of thing that might pop up in the music scene of the Sixth World. I’m picturing these guys as being two ork brothers, a troll, and an elf who work the underground music scene like a giant guitar – showing up in clubs all around the Jax Sprawl, whether they’re invited or not.

Kongar ol Ondar was a master of Tuva Throat-Singing. Mixed with modern beats and melodies, his music creates a haunting atmosphere that benefits any game of Shadowrun.


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